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Tips On When To Do Septic Tank Replacement

You often probably found yourself wondering on when you must consider septic tank replacement or to how long it’ll last whether your septic tank faces major septic tank issue like sewage backup or is decades old. On the other hand, considering to buy and install a new septic tank can potentially cost you thousands of dollars and it’s important to understand when to consider a replacement and when you should not.

In some cases, even more serious septic tank issues may be fixed with intelligent repairs. Actually, this can help you to save huge sum of cash as replacing the entire system may cost you more than 5000 dollars.

Solution 1: Replace the drain field or increase the size – you have to know that a drain that is aging and is not properly working or one that’s small is more likely to become the cause of leak as this will have a difficult time in absorbing all waste. Either expanding or replacing it can help in mitigating the problem.

Solution 2: Try to install perimeter drains – if your problem is saturated soil, then this is going to be an ideal solution. Your best move is to install drains to check if it helps in alleviating the issue at hand in the event that the soil is saturated with wastewater is a continual problem and the septic tank is functioning fine.

Solution 3: Adopt water conservation strategies – if your septic tank is quite a bit old, then this is going to be extremely useful. Regardless of what you do, your septic tank is not going to last forever and that’s a fact. If your septic tank is beginning to age, try to adopt water conservation strategies to prolong the lifespan of the system. Apart from that, you should be diligent more in doing routine maintenance.

The only time you should consider a septic tank replacement is when your septic tank is failing. The bottom line here is that, even you give your septic tank with proper and routine maintenance, it will fail sooner or later. Regardless of how well it’s maintained, you can’t expect it to last long. As a matter of fact, there are signs that can tell you that the septic system isn’t working effectively like for instance, there’s presence of nitrite, nitrate or coliform bacteria in water sources near your house or in your well water, bathtubs, toilets and sinks are draining slowly and standing wastewater on ground above or perhaps in close proximity to the drain field.

The time when your septic system fails, it should have a septic tank replacement ASAP to avoid health concerns.

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